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Running on PROCOS expertise

The Facile application is built by PROCOS Group. Our talented team has over 30 years of experience in helping you build the right physical, digital and human working environment. We are excited to assist you in this new era of dynamic workspaces.

Facile is the result of applying our ‘Space, Software & Soul’-expertise on exciting contemporary challenges. Simplicity might just be the ultimate sophistication. Behind an easy app lays all the human and artificial intelligence we have to offer, to integrate user experience and smart facility management.

We can implement the application quickly, with respect for data security and privacy rules.

PROCOS Group is an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company.


Where are we located?


Head office
Jan Blockxstraat 1
2018 Antwerp

+32 3 242 94 60


Regus Den Haag City
Haagsche Hof, Parkstraat 83
2514 JG Den Haag

+31 88 24 29 400


Rua Henrique Callado, nº6
Edifício Orange Piso 1, Fração B1.4
2740-303 Porto Salvo

+351 21 441 2489